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2021 Gardasil Vaccine – What is HPV Vaccine, Who is it for

HPV is the initials of the words Human Papiloma Virus. This virus is very common, shows no symptoms and can spread very quickly. Human Papiloma Virus are DNA viruses and can be transmitted easily sexually. The virus, which is determined to infect approximately 6.2 million people every year in the United States, is among the most common diseases.

There are about 200 known types of HPV today. About 20 of them cause genital infections. There are high-risk forms of Human Papiloma Virus that cause cancer and low-risk forms that cause warts. High-risk HPV types include cervical cancer, vulva, vagina, oropharynx, anus cancers and related precancerous (cancer precursor cells) lesions in women; In men, it is associated with anus and penile cancers.

What is Gardasil Vaccine
What is Gardasil Vaccine

How is HPV Human Papiloma Virus Transmitted?

The main means of transmission of HPV Human Papiloma Virus is sexual intercourse. Touching the vagina or external genitalia of a sick person is sufficient for the disease to be transmitted. Tools such as condoms to be used as a protector during sexual intercourse do not have a hundred percent protective feature. This is because contact is inevitable as it will not be possible to completely cover the infected surface with a condom. However, under all these conditions, it is recommended to use condoms during sexual intercourse. Hand contact with the infected area can also cause transmission.

What is HPV Vaccine – What is Human Papiloma Virus Vaccine?

The primary purpose of the HPV vaccine is to control the virus. HPV is responsible for almost 99% of cervical cancers. Primary prevention is provided with preventive (prophylactic) vaccines developed against Human Papiloma Virus. It is aimed to reduce the rate of cervical and other HPV-related cancers and precursor lesions, especially by starting to protect without HPV contamination.

At What Age Range Should HPV Vaccination Be Made
At What Age Range Should HPV Vaccination Be Made

What are the HPV Vaccines? What are the Vaccine Types?

Three vaccine types have been developed to protect individuals from the above-mentioned diseases. These;

  • Gardasil-4: against HPV types 6, 11, 16, 18
  • Gardasil-9: HPV types 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, 58
  • Cervarix Vaccine: These are vaccines developed against HPV types 16, 18.

How is the HPV Vaccine Applied?

One of the most important known vaccines against HPV is Gardasil. Gardasil Vaccine does not carry live viruses. The way the vaccine is administered varies according to the age of the individual. The vaccine can be administered to girls and boys from the age of 9. It is administered as 2 doses for girls and boys aged 9-14, and 3 doses for individuals aged 14-26 years. Gardasil is administered over a period of 6 months.

At What Age Range Should HPV Vaccination Be Made?

If the person is between the ages of 9 and 14 at the time of the first dose of HPV vaccine (including 14 years old)

  • First dose of HPV vaccine: At a specified date
  • Second dose of HPV vaccine: 6 months after first HPV injection

If the person is between the ages of 15-26 at the time of the first dose of HPV vaccine (including 26 years old)

  • First dose of HPV vaccine: At a specified date
  • Second dose of HPV vaccine: 2 months after first HPV injection (not earlier than one month after first dose)
  • Third dose of HPV vaccine: 6 months after first HPV injection (not earlier than 3 months after second dose)

Recent studies have revealed that HPV vaccine can be administered to women aged 27-45 years. It has also been determined to be effective for this age range.

Gardasil provides protection against 4 types of viruses that cause cervical cancer and genital warts.

Who gets the HPV Vaccine?

HPV Gardasil vaccine can be given to boys and girls. It is recommended that the vaccine, which can be administered from the age of 9, is administered to girls and boys aged 11 or 12. The main purpose of vaccination in this age range is to vaccinate girls and boys without sexual contact and exposure to HPV.

How Long Does the HPV Vaccine Protect?

The HPV vaccine protects against the HPV type found in the HPV vaccine for 10 years from the date of vaccination. According to some research results, it has been observed that the vaccine against HPV has a protective feature after 10 years.

What Are the Side Effects of HPV Gardasil Vaccine? Is there?

As a result of the researches, no serious side effects of the HPV Vaccine were determined. However, the most common side effects seen in those who are vaccinated are;

  • redness at the injection site,
  • mild swelling
  • pain

What is the Price of HPV Gardasil and Cervarix 2021 Vaccine?

December 2020 prices of HPV Gardasil and Certavix vaccines are as follows;

Gardasil Vaccine Price: 70 USD.
Cervarix Vaccine Price: 55 USD TL.

It is seen that this price is 90 USD with a 19,01% increase in February 2021.

Please note that these prices vary depending on market conditions.

Does SSI Cover the HPV Gardasil and Cervarix Vaccines?

Unfortunately, the Social Security Institution (SGK) does not cover the Gardasil vaccine and the Cervarix vaccine.

Where Can I Get HPV Vaccines?

You can get HPV vaccines in city hospitals in cities.

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