Fitness Exercises for Beginners

Fitness exercises create a good attitude and energy galore. You will find exercising in the morning will give you a boost for the whole day.

Twenty to thirty minutes at least 3 to 4 times a week is a great start. We recommend a gradual approach for those of us who have not worked out in a long time. Start with five minute power walks for a few days, then increase to ten minute for a few days and so on until you reach thirty minutes. The goal is to reach a heart rate of approximately one hundred and twenty beats per minute for twenty minutes. Remember to cool down afterwards. Walk at a normal pace for enough time to slow you heart rate to normal.

Power swimming is another great exercise. Use the same approach we used with the walking exercise. Work into it gradually.

We recommend the power walking and swimming for those who are more than twenty pounds over their ideal weight.

Advanced Aerobics Fitness Exercises

This exercise is for those who can do a single repetition of each of the following movements. Those of you who still have more than twenty pounds to shed, we would not recommend this. Keep power walking or swimming; you will get to this point soon.

Muscle conditioning and strengthening are the goals of these movements. This is not for those intent on bulking up.

Run in Place

In a standing position, hands on your hips run in place. Lift knees as high as you can keeping your balance. Count in sets, when both knees have been lifted.

Knee Bends

In a standing position, hands on your hips, squat until knees are at about ninety degrees(90).

Toe Touches

In a standing position, hands to your side, bend at the hips and touch your left toe with your right fingers. Then return to the upright position. Bend at the hips the second time then touch the right toe with the left fingers.

Arm Twirls

From a standing position stretch arms out to your sides shoulder level. Move the arms in a small circle.

Sit Ups

Lie flat on your back, hands clasped behind your neck, sit up.

Leg Lifts

Lay flat on your back, hands clasped behind your neck, slowly lift your legs to a 90 degree position, slowly lower them.

Push Ups

Lie flat on your stomach, hands next to your shoulders, palms flat to the floor, keeping the body straight, use your arms to lift your body, fully straighten the arms, lower the body.

The effectiveness of this routine is dependent on going from one movement smoothly to the next. Start with a low count then increase gradually. Do the same count for each movement. Example: 5 run in place, 5 knee bends, 5 toe touches, etc.

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