High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training, commonly referred to as HITT cardio is without a doubt the most intense and effective cardio training method available. HITT has been proved through numerous studies to burn more fat then low-intensity and long-duration cardio. You may have heard in the past that doing cardio in your “Fat-Burning” heart rate zone is more effective at burning fat, however HITT has proven itself threw countless tests to burn more fat and have an effect after the cardio session for up to 24 hours!

So What Exactly is HITT?

High Intensity Interval Training is a form of training which ranges from moderate intensity to maximum intensity through out the session. HITT can be done on almost any cardio machine. A sample HITT routine on a treadmill might look something like (1 min jog, 1 min sprint, 1 min jog, 1 min sprint, ect). HITT Cardio sessions usually last anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Most beginners might not even be able to do 10 minutes and just like in any situation, you must keep training and soon you will be able to complete a 10-20 minute HITT session. If you feel like you can do more then 20 minutes, then you definitely need to evaluate your routine and if needed increase the intensity.

Why is HITT so Effective?

Despite the fact that you burn a larger amount of total calories with higher intensity cardio, HITT has another feature which is the real reason why it’s so effective. The metabolic boost which a HITT session gives is the main reason it’s so effective at burning fat. After an intense HITT cardio session you will burn more calories through out the day because HITT training gives your body a metabolic boost which according to research can last up to 24 hours. The boost you receive from low intensity cardio lasts no more then a few hours max!

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