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How to Lower High Triglycerides – Causes, Treatment

It is very important to be aware about various components of our body that directly affect our health. Today, many people face the problem of high Triglycerides which are nothing but a type of fat that are found in bloodstream. The body in turn uses this type of fat to produce energy. Fats that are found in food are converted to Triglycerides. Moreover, it is also produced by the liver. Although this type of fat is essential for our health but large quantity can lead to various health problems.

What is the Accepted Level of Triglycerides?

According to the American Heart Association, 150 mg/dl is considered to be normal, anything between 150 to 199 mg/dl is considered to be the border line of high Triglycerides and anything above that needs treatment.

Let us look at some of the causes due to high Triglycerides in our body

  • Many people who face the problem of high Triglycerides are overweight. In medical terms, an individual who weighs more than that related to its height is considered to be obese.
  • The problem of high Triglycerides can occur in some people due to the fact that their thyroid is under active. This condition is also known as Hypothyroidism and must be treated at the right time to avoid any further complications.
  • High Triglycerides can also lead to diabetes and kidney problems if not controlled at the right time or appropriately
  • Another reason of high Triglycerides can be diet. People who consume high calories food or high fat food stuff are at high risk of developing Triglycerides in their body. When an individual consumes more calories than he is able to burn off through any activity, the person is likely to get positive results of high Triglycerides in his blood test.
  • People consuming high amount of alcohol or at daily basis are likely to face the problem of high Triglycerides. Moreover, alcohol increases the liver’s production that is cleared from the body as well as reduces the amount of fat that is cleared from your body.

Once we know that we suffer the problem of high Triglycerides in our body, we must take corrective steps to control and prevent any health complications coming our way. Moderate and regular exercise can help us reduce the level of Triglycerides in our body and it has also proved to be very effective. Besides, exercise can help us burn off additional fats and improve our overall health.

Quitting smoking or reducing the consumption of alcohol can help in lowering the Triglycerides substances found in our body. In addition, garlic supplements have shown effective results and useful for lowering Triglycerides in our body without having any side effects. You can consume green tea, green tea extracts, and guggulipid have proved to be very effective to treat Triglycerides.

To lead a healthy life, you need to ensure that you consume right amount of any edible stuff that does not affect your body easily. plus, anything consumed in right proportion will help you remain fit and stay healthy for a long time.

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