List of ab Exercises for Women – Beginner Level

Many women around the world are seen carrying flabby abdomen and yearn to get flat and toned belly. They believe that getting flat tummy is very difficult or require specialist training. In reality reducing the excess fat and flattening of tummy is easily possible with the help of ab exercises for women. There are ladies that have practiced them previously and lost touch or some that have never thought of it. In this article you will get information on best ab exercises that are suitable for novice or beginner level. These exercises typically focus on increasing the flexibility of muscles, providing a workout to muscles in order to reduce the stored fat and to increase their strength. Some of these exercises require some tools but you can perform them even if you don’t have the tools. Here is a list of ab exercises for women suitable for beginners.


Crunches are one of the most effective and easier type of exercise to work both the upper and lower abs. It basically exerts workout on the abs and make them more flexible. In order to perform crunches you need to lie down on your back and bend your knees upright. Then bend forward with your hands either forward or kept behind the head according to your ease. Bend to the extent you can and then lie down back to the floor. It is more effective if done using the exercise ball which is available in gyms or workout stores. While doing with ball you need to sit on the ball folding your hands on the back of your head then bend down till your shoulders and back reach the surface of ball. Now bring up the shoulders forward without pressing the neck. When you perform this with ball you will immediately feel sensation of heat or burning in the abs.

Ground Cycle

his ab exercise for women doesn’t require any equipment and can be done easily. To start, lie on your back while folding the knees and placing hands at the back of head. Now raise one leg to the bend of knee and slightly bring your shoulders up. While doing this you are supposed to bring the opposite leg and elbow together. For example if you bring left leg up, bring shoulders and try to touch the knee with right elbow. You are not asked to touch them anyways just reach as far as you can to exert pressure on both the abs. Now switch the sides and repeat.


Take a position of four legged animal on soft or hard surface then spreading your fingers firmly on the ground slowly lift your entire body. In this exercise only your hands and toes should be touching the floor and entire body should be lifted up. Then count 30 seconds in this position and lower down to the basic position. This apart from working on abs also develops core strength.

These are some of the ab exercises for women that are suitable for all beginners and give great results.

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