Looking for Effective Lower Back Exercises?

Lower back exercises are very important and there are chronic pains that can be avoided when the lower back is trained on a consistent basis. The lower back is an immensely significant part of the human body, and therefore should be given much attention and care. There are many back strengthening exercises that can help to decrease low back pain.

Below are some of the best back exercises for strengthening your back and reducing pain:

 1. Barbell dead-lifts

Barbell dead-lifts is one of the most effective weightlifting back exercises for the lower back.  This exercise helps to strengthen your core muscles, which help to relieve your back from the stress of every day tasks like lifting and carrying.  With stronger core muscles, your body uses your core for your daily tasks rather than your back.

The benefit of this particular exercise is the decreased risk of injuring your lower back and the significant increase in strength for your core muscles.

Here are the steps to perform this exercise correctly:

  • Stand in front of a barbell and keep your back straight.
  • Slowly bend over and grasp the barbell at shoulder width.
  • Lift the barbell slowly as you push your legs and bring yourself to a standing position.
  • Continue repeating the whole movement.
  • You should breathe out while standing up and breathing in whenever you bend.

2. Hyper-extensions

Hyper-extensions are some of the  best back exercises for the lower back. It gives the back strength and helps in developing the muscles that surround the back.

This is an effective way of performing this exercise:

  • Lie on top of a hyper-extension bench and face down: ensure that your ankles have been secured safely under the foot-pads.
  • Start this exercise by slowly bending forward and ensuring that your back is still flat during the move.
  • Continue bending until you feel that you can no longer keep your back flat any more.
  • You can also hold a weight in your arms while doing the hyper extension in order to increase resistance.
  • You should be extra cautious with this exercise to avoid a potential injury.

3. Hugging Knees to Chest

For this type of exercise, you do not need any equipment, nor do you have to go to the gym. You can do it anywhere, including at home.

  • Lie down flat on your back then start pulling your knees slowly towards your chest.
  • Put your arms underneath your knees and then pull legs towards your shoulders until you feel a certain pressure building up on your lower back and the buttocks.
  • Repeat this whole movement as many times as you wish.
  • You should remember that this exercise should also be performed slowly. People with major back issues should be aware of the pressure limits that should be applied on their lower backs in order to avoid the worsening of their situation of their low back pain.

4. Barbell Back Training or Atlas Stone

Back exercises with dumbbells are designed to give more strength to the lower back muscle.

Performing this exercise:

Chances are that you may not have access to the atlas stone. An alternative is to load a bar with weight up to a point that it will not cause any type problems to your back.

  • Hold the barbell very tight and slowly pull the weight up to your chest.
  • If you think that the weight is too much for you to handle, start lowering slowly to the ground.
  • While having the weights at the level of your chest, hold it there for two seconds for some extra intensity.
  • It is always good to be careful when you start lowering the barbell to avoid a possible injury.

Conclusions-Back Exercises

These are some of the back exercises that are very effective when training your back.  It is important to determine which type of exercise if best for your particular situation.  Consulting with a doctor or physical therapist is your best route for determining which exercise routine is best for you.  Once you  have determined you best plan of action, perform your exercises every day and you will notice a big difference in the strength of your back and you will gain relief from your back pain.

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