Some Effective Tummy Exercises for Women

Imbalanced core muscles result in a lower back pain. If you do not exercise your abdominal muscles, they grow weaker in the fullness of time and this weakness causes back pain and the spinal instability. Exercising the abdominal muscles does not call for expensive equipment of gym. This exercise develops power and strength in the body to prevent the back pain and helps relieve anxiety. Tummy exercises for women are essential for balancing the spinal muscles. For the best results, do the tummy exercises at least four days a week.

Before beginning, it is good to consult a general practitioner or a physician for getting clearance to the exercise, especially if you are having a chronic pain or spinal injury. For each pose, a woman should learn appropriate alignment and stick to it for the prevention of further injury. Avoid the poses in which she has to bend forward without any support. Tummy exercises for women should be safe and healthy. You have to take into account the following considerations for getting the best results.

Warm Up

Previous to more intense tummy exercises, you have to warm up the core muscles. If possible, you should go for a walk of five to ten minutes, and then do some cat cow exercises. Kneel down on the hands and knees. Start with your spine and your back flat in a neutral position. Breathe out and gradually round your shoulders and back as you fix your eyes on your belly button. Breathe in and reverse the action, follow the gaze to the ceiling like you drop the belly and bend your back. Concentrate on moving gracefully, before pushing or stretching. Warm up is the first step to be followed for tummy exercise for women.

Modified Crunches

Next tummy exercise for women is practicing the crunches. Lie on the exercise mat and then slide your hands beneath the low back to assist you in maintaining the slight spinal arch. Then bend one of your legs and plant the foot sole steadfastly on a mat to help lock the pelvis into proper position. Keep your other leg straight and lightly but firmly pressed into the mat. From this position, practice the crunches, bending only the shoulders off the ground and then lowering back the shoulders to the mat in a proper and controlled way. All the way through your repetitions, switch your bent leg half way.

Straight Leg Raises

Bend one of your legs and then lie on the back. Press the foot sole into the mat and keep the other leg straight. Engage the core muscles as you raise your extended leg five to ten inches off the mat and breathe out at the same time. Breathe in and gradually lower down the leg back to your mat. Complete six to twelve lifts; switch the legs and repeat this action. As you gain power, try to hold the lifted leg for up to ten seconds before you lower it. While doing this action, breathe naturally. This tummy exercise for women challenges both the lower back muscles and abdominal muscles.

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