What is a vasectomy? Is There a Return?
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What is a vasectomy? Is There a Return?

In order to regulate family planning, many new birth control methods have emerged with the innovations in technology and medicine. One of these prevention methods is vasectomy.

Vasectomy is a birth control method that has become popular recently. This method, which is very common especially in Europe and America, can offer a very effective, reliable and permanent solution. Studies have proven that vasectomy achieves almost 100% success in birth control. For this reason, it can also be described as a permanent birth control method. The purpose of the application is to prevent sperm from entering the urethra and thus to prevent pregnancy.

What is a vasectomy? Is There a Return?
What is a vasectomy? Is There a Return?

What is a vasectomy?

In men, vasectomy is a surgical method of birth control performed by cutting, ligating or sealing the sperm ducts, and vasectomy is not performed in women. Vasectomy is almost equivalent to tubal ligation in women. The vasectomy method, which is quite common in China and America, has not yet become as common as these countries in our country.

Individuals may have many questions about the vasectomy method. One of the most common questions is whether sperm will continue to come out of the penis after application. The answer to this question is quite obvious that it will continue to come. Because all the cells that enable the male to reproduce come from the testicles, and this is only 3% of all the incoming fluid. The remaining fluids come from the prostate gland and some structures in the reproductive system. For this reason, the liquid coming from the penis after the procedure should not worry the individuals.

Another curious question is whether a hormonal disorder will occur. However, the occurrence of a hormonal disorder is not in question. Because the sperm coming from the testicles has no hormonal effect on the body. The testosterone hormone does not need to have any relationship with the testicles in order to spread throughout the body. It can enter the blood directly. There is no loss of pleasure during sexual intercourse. Because, since there will be no worry about childbirth between couples, there may be an increase in sexual satisfaction rather than loss of pleasure.

How Is Vasectomy Performed?

There is more than one answer to the question of how a vasectomy is performed. There are differences in how this method will be applied in the world. Vasectomy can be performed by cutting the sperm pathways. While this method is used at a rate of 7% in the world, it is used at a rate of 0.1% in our country. In general, in office or hospital conditions, the operation is completed in 30 minutes with local anesthesia. There is no hospitalization after the application. The person to whom the application is made can continue his daily life and the protection rate is around 99%. After the application, full protection occurs after approximately 20-30 orgasms. At the end of the process, sperm analysis is performed to get an idea about the final result. Patients who do not pay attention to this process are very likely to get their spouses pregnant in the process. For this reason, the recommendations of the doctor performing the operation must be taken into account.

It is considered appropriate for men who were married before the operation to obtain approval from their spouses both ethically and socially. This is not the case for single men.

Vasectomy Types

There are two different techniques, conventional and scalpelless:

  • In conventional vasectomy, several small incisions are made in the testicles to reach the canals. A small piece is cut and removed from the channels and the channels are connected. The incisions are then closed with self-falling sutures.
  • In non-scalpel vasectomy, the canals are held with a surgical instrument without cutting the testicles. A small hole is made in the skin, through which channels are cut, tied or sealed. In this method, no stitching takes place.

Local anesthesia is used for the application of both methods.

To Whom Can Vasectomy Be Applied?

In our country, the vasectomy method can be performed by single and adult individuals within their own will. However, it is strictly forbidden to practice without the consent of the spouses in married individuals. However, it is essential that individuals are informed in detail before vasectomy. Because individuals who want to have a child again after the operation are faced with a number of operations that can be risky. Individuals who do not want to have any children can have a vasectomy with peace of mind. Again, it may be recommended to apply the procedure for individuals who have a sufficient number of children and do not want other children. It can be preferred because it is one of the most accurate birth control methods, easy to apply and low cost.

Pregnancy is completely prevented 3-4 months after the operation. Because the effect of the application on men definitely begins after this process. Vasectomy can also be performed on individuals who are inconvenient to have children. In some marriages, children are not recommended due to some blood incompatibility or genetic problems. However, many birth control methods do not provide 100% protection. In such cases, vasectomy method is recommended for couples to be more comfortable. There is no problem for these individuals to have a vasectomy, like other individuals, on a voluntary and conscious basis.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Vasectomy?

Bleeding may occur after the operation, as it can happen after any procedure. However, these bleedings are mostly insignificant. It does not cause any harm to the human body. Infection is very unlikely. The only reason this can happen is because an improper operation is performed in a non-sterile environment with non-sterile instruments. In such a case, infection may occur. However, all surgical procedures performed under non-sterile conditions have the potential to cause infection.

However, since sperm production continues, after a while, sperm may accumulate outside the connected channels and a lump may form in the size of a marble. It does not have any negative effects on the body. It is even possible for this sperm to be emptied by a specialist with an easy method, if desired. These are the biggest disadvantages that may occur after vasectomy. In addition, vasectomy does not protect the individual from sexual diseases such as condoms. This also stands out as a disadvantage. The advantages of the practice are that individuals’ conception rates almost certainly disappear. After a very easy operation, it can be prevented for a man to conceive a woman. In addition to all these advantages, there is no question of interruption of sexual intercourse.

It is important that individuals who will apply for the application consider these advantages and disadvantages. Because before the application, all these situations are directed to them about whether the individual is ready for the application.

Is There a Reversal of Vasectomy?

The reversal of the vasectomy method is theoretically possible. However, recycling is a very problematic situation when it comes to practice. In fact, this is the most disadvantageous aspect of the application according to the person. Because the recycling rate is almost 50%. Vasectomy is a very precise and easy method, every urologist can easily perform this operation. However, reversing this procedure can only be done by doctors who are experts in their fields and who have developed themselves in the field of microsurgery.

The application takes place under general anesthesia and the operation takes approximately 2 hours. As a result of all these, it is a very expensive application. Even if the operation is successful, there may be reocclusions between 6 months and 1 year following the operation. Therefore, all these aspects should be well considered before deciding on a vasectomy. Although it is reversible, it is quite risky and not certain.

If you do not want to have a child again and you want to get information about vasectomy, it is recommended that you apply to the nearest health institution and get support from specialist physicians.

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