When Can You Get Pregnant After Miscarriage
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When Can You Get Pregnant After Miscarriage?

When Can You Get Pregnant After Miscarriage?

Miscarriage is one of the biggest fears of all pregnant women. Men and women who unite their lives want to have children after some stage of their marriage. In today’s world, where infertility in men and infertility in women are widespread, it may not be easy for women to become pregnant under appropriate conditions. Among all these limitations and difficulties, the possibility of miscarriage for a pregnant mother is a very difficult situation to manage psychologically. Despite this, expectant mothers and fathers should know that women are likely to miscarry during pregnancy and should prepare themselves for this. The important thing here is that this situation does not turn into anxiety. It is very important not to include this pressure in the life of the mother who has already changed biologically and psychologically, but to prepare yourself over the possibility of it happening, in case such a situation arises, it is very important to get through the process with the least damage.

Can You Get Pregnant Immediately After Miscarriage
Can You Get Pregnant Immediately After Miscarriage

Can You Get Pregnant Immediately After Miscarriage?

Women who have had a miscarriage may want to become pregnant again after the severe trauma and psychological wear they have experienced, which can be exhibited by many expectant mothers. So what should the expectant mother do after this stage? First of all, it is necessary and important for the expectant mother who is thinking of getting pregnant again, to see a gynecology specialist, to be examined and to have the approval of her doctor. Because it is very important for the woman to be ready for pregnancy both biologically and physiologically for the healthy realization and continuation of the pregnancy.

It is divided into two according to the time of miscarriage. These;

  • Early miscarriages before the eighth week of pregnancy
  • Late pregnancy after the eighth week of pregnancy – repeated miscarriages

If you have had an early miscarriage, that is, before the 8th week of pregnancy, you should know that if it is your first miscarriage, the probability of recurrence is less. Women who experience such a miscarriage are more likely to become pregnant again and can easily become pregnant again. The mother can become pregnant again 2 months after the miscarriage before the 8th week.

When Can You Get Pregnant After Miscarriage?

If there is a miscarriage defined as late pregnancy abortion and experienced after the 8th week of pregnancy, this abortion should be checked by a specialist physician and analyzed. If you have had a miscarriage after the eighth week and this happens repeatedly, you should definitely see a Gynecologist and Obstetrician. If, after the tests and examination, your doctor says that there is no problem for you to get pregnant again, you can get pregnant again.

When Can I Have a Child After Miscarriage?

After a miscarriage, you can decide when to conceive based on when your miscarriage occurred. If the miscarriage is before the 8th week of pregnancy, two months after the miscarriage date will be suitable for pregnancy again. For women who have had more than one miscarriage after the eighth week of their pregnancy, it is necessary to determine when they will become pregnant with the control and approval of the doctor.

We emphasized the importance of checking the woman by a specialist after a miscarriage. However, you should not forget this. It is very important to benefit from science and make efforts in this direction. But Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, will grant you a son. If he wants it, it will happen, if he doesn’t, it won’t. For this reason, they should make an effort, research, ask Allah (C.C.), pray to Him, and finally put their trust in Him. Such behavior will also give you psychological relief. The effect of psychology on pregnancy has been proven. Keep in mind that couples who feel happy and comfortable are more likely to get pregnant.

Pregnancy After First Miscarriage – Getting Pregnant 1 Month After Miscarriage

When you feel ready for pregnancy after a miscarriage, consult your healthcare provider for guidance. You can also consider the following tips:

  • First low. The World Health Organization recommends waiting at least six weeks after a miscarriage. However, according to research, there is no evidence of this. Additionally, recent research has shown that women who become pregnant six weeks after their first miscarriage experience fewer complications than women who become pregnant six months later. If you feel healthy and ready, you may not need to wait to conceive again.
  • Two or more lows. Consult your healthcare provider if you have had two or more miscarriages. Your doctor will help you understand the underlying causes and apply possible treatments before you try to get pregnant again.
    Molar pregnancy (Grape Pregnancy). A molar pregnancy (a non-cancerous tumor development in the uterus) develops with the pregnancy condition, with the appearance of an abnormally dense cyst. If you’ve had a molar pregnancy, your healthcare provider will recommend waiting between six and a year.

What Are the Symptoms of Miscarriage in Pregnancy?

You can watch the video below to listen to the explanation about the symptoms of miscarriage during pregnancy from Acıbadem Healthcare Group.


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